I moved to America when I was 10; Lawton, Oklahoma to be precise. It was there that I fell in love with country music. My parents were fairly sure I’d grow out of it when we moved back to England, but that was 5 years ago now.

I’m fairly sure that I was born in the wrong decade. I like real country music, I agree with Merle Haggard when he said that he knew that Elvis was a real man because he could hear him breathe on his records. Classical music makes me feel like I should be a better person, but country music allows for flaws. I’ve been writing music since I was eight, and I can’t make music like Merle Haggard or Elvis, but I’m working on it…


  1. Making music like anyone but you could never be quite as nice. Each of us are instruments, its something… taking on the task of tuning our soul to our voice…but I like to believe it’s possible for each of us…mighty challenging, makes tuning a piano seem easy by comparison, huh?

  2. Philly – Great to see you are still a loyal follower of Country! Looking lovely my friend – much love – Jon and Boo

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