New Blog, Caitlin Rose and Dylan LeBlanc

So, I have a blog now.  I figured 3am on a Friday night seemed about the right time to further advance my online presence.  For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m a Songwriting student in Brighton, if you want to hear some tunes (or just generally stalk me), I have a Facebook, MySpace, twitter, and couple of videos on YouTube.  Philly Stock isn’t really a very common name so if you search for me you’ll find me, along with Philly Cheese Steaks (#I like this) and The Philadelphia Stock exchange (not so much).

Anyway.  I seem to have found a country music scene in England.  I’m in love with Caitlin Rose.  And it seems, for once, that she actually tours more here than in the states.  Her EP Dead Flowers was released early 2010, and is a brilliant debut release for an artist of any genre, regardless of whether or not you like country music.  Her voice is reminiscent of Patsy Cline or an early Loretta Lynn, which is most noticeable in her cover of Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray.  There are 2 covers on this album, quite a bold move for an 7 track “EP.”  The cover of Dead Flowers is Superb, there is simply no other way of putting it.  The rawness and emotion in her delivery, and arrangement, are a refreshing change from the overly processed Nashville Sheen that country radio has become accustomed to.

Not only is Caitlin a Brilliant as a musician, she is also not too shabby a songwriter either.  There are a couple of risky tracks, namely Docket (Check out Lyric of the week post) and Gorilla Man.  But I think they pay off.  Gorilla Man is funny and upbeat, and after all, Caitlin is a young songwriter and this track reflects that, and the fact that it doesn’t all have to be somber.  And perhaps most impressively, staying in tune for both acapella tracks, I know I couldn’t do it.   T-shirt is perhaps a perfect song and I don’t say that often.

The remaining 2 more traditional tracks are equally as good.  Bottles evokes a memory of an old smokey honky-tonk.  It sounds intrinsically familiar, like I have heard it before, like some long-lost memory.  Shotgun Wedding is a brilliant story song, you just have to listen and smile at the familiar story told so many times before, but this tale is just as valid as all those that came before.

I won’t say much about the album, Own Side Now.  It is good.  Not as spectacular as Dead Flowers, and a little less country, but take a listen, It’s well worth it.  I wish I had written Shanghai Cigarette.  Actually, I wish I had written it all.  For the Rabbits keeps floating round my head, it sounds kind of 70s to me, and I like that, it’s different and it’s good.  That’s the whole point i think.  Caitlin Rose takes risks, and it makes me think that this is the way to make a brilliant album: to let your personality and humour shine through, because it sounds right, it suits her, and I think that’s why it sounds so good.

I just want to make a quick not about Dylan LeBlanc (Paupers Field), a pedal steel player i work with, Melvin Duffy (#ilovehim), recommended him.  He is amazing, just listen on a chilled out evening, curtains drawn, lights off, eyes shut and just the sound of the pedal steel and eerie vocals flowing round you.  You won’t regret it.  He’s lovely.

Tune in tomorrow for the demise of Sugarland




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