The Secret Sisters

It’s rare that I hear of a band and after 30 seconds of one song I buy the album, and within 24 hours I have tickets to see them. But within seconds of listening to the gorgeous harmonies of the sisters, you intrinsically know that they are something special. I don’t have the album *yet* it was shipped today, but If their album is half as good as what I’ve heard so far, It’ll be five stars for me.

Their lyrics are simple, often an A Refrain structure, but have a delicate and yet poignant beauty. For example, (Check out lyric of the week) Tennessee Me. The line “Come come Tennessee me” is a very clever pun, as the listener can interpret it as asking someone to come and see her. There are also moments of light relief, my favorite of which occurs in Do You Love An Apple, which contains the phrase: “but after i married, i wore bugger all.”

The instrumentation is traditional country, think slide guitars and simple backbeats. However, the added close harmonies remind me of 50’s pop, with a country slant on it. It’s beautiful. And I will tell you all about the album and gig next month (the gig is on the 7th of march).

Also, On the 7th of september I will be at the O2 arena, in the front 3 rows crying my eyes out watching Dolly Parton.

Tune in next time for Hank Williams and the invention of country pop.

Philly xx

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