Nashville and lists…

Tomorrow I’m flying out to Nashville. I’m pretty excited, I’m writing with some amazing people and I’ve managed to blag my way into meeting with some pretty high up people too. I’m meeting up with Tracy Gershon, who works at Warner Chappell. I laugh when I think of that really because it came about in a weird way. I was talking to one of my tutors last year and she asked me who my favourite artist was. I of course responded that it was lance miller, and that he had been on this show called Nashville Star. It turned out that she was friends with Tracy, one of the judges, who at the time worked for Sony. After the competition she left Sony for Warner and signed lance. Susan said that I should meet up with her when I was in Nashville, but it’s one of those things that you don’t really think will happen. I’ll be meeting with her next week.

I have to say I have learned a few things in the process of organising this trip.
Firstly, don’t let anyone who feels that “elvis is inside them” cut your hair. It will look like they cut it with garden shears. I want to shave my head it is so bad, and I fly out to Nashville tomorrow. Great.
Secondly boybands will let you down. They will disappoint you, I have never been let down or disappointed by any country singers. A couple of weeks ago Ronan Keating came into college. He was a disgrace. Never before have I seen someone so in love with themselves. For those of you who don’t know, he co wrote The Long Goodbye, and I thought that maybe he was a secret country fan. I never got to ask because he kept banging on about how he had respect in the industry now, and how he recorded an album with Burt Bacharach. It really upset me, as I genuinely wanted him to be nice. However, the same night I met The Secret Sisters, and they were lovely. I got to talk to them for a while and there were so enthusiastic about everything they were doing. They knew how lucky they were and seemed oblivious to how talented they were. But they should probably get a better guitar tuner. Just saying.
Thirdly, don’t ever go to the US embassy in London. They are horrible and will make you cry. The less said about them the better.
Lastly, homemade CD covers may look sweet and look like you care etc etc, but they are hard work and cutting out loads of tiny pictures of yourself is weird. But they are pretty cool. I’ll upload a picture later, but I’m currently on a park bench in frome.

Anyway. I’m going to try and do a video blog from Nashville. Telling you all about who I’m meeting and writing with, and maybe playing you any new songs.
Anyway tune in next time for a video from nashvegas.
Eat more rhinestones and all that.

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