Over the past couple of weeks, i have been amazed at the response to this blog. An increase in views, emails, and recognition on other media outlets means that I am expanding!Today I am announcing the launch of my second blog, to run alongside this one, reviewing country songs and singles every Tuesday and Thursday. Head on over to to check out the first review.

I am also glad to announce an all new look coming soon to both blogs. Watch this space.

I am also looking to introduce a new monthly interview blog, with people in the music industry. So, any writers, artists, musicians, engineers, those of you who work in the business side of things, in studios, and record/publishing companies, managers, agents, anyone who works in the industry and would like to be interviewed, let me know.

Tune in on Sunday for an ACM award special. There will also be a blog on Monday this week once we have the results in England.

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