Miranda Lambert Platinum Review

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Women are few and far between on the country charts these days – but it’s hard to ignore the presence of southern spitfire Miranda Lambert. Platinum is her fifth studio album, and is paving the way for the future women of modern country music. Lambert managed to remain feminine, whilst proving that she can rock out just as well as her male peers.

20140608-235426-86066086.jpgRandee St Nicholas

There is a sense of maturity to Platinum; Lambert, now 30, has progressed from Nashville Star runner up in 2003, to her current status as reining female vocalist of the year – this woman has grown up in country music, and Platinum represents the pinnacle of her country music career.

The album still retains Miranda’s ‘bad girl’ edge, but she has embraced a more traditional country style. The album features a collaboration with The Time Jumpers – possibly Nashville’s most talented band – on a track called All That’s Left, co-written by non-other than legend Tom T Hall, providing a taste of Texas Swing. There are, of course, the more rock orientated tracks that Lambert is famous for, including Something Bad – another collaboration, this time with country-pop superstar Carrie Underwood.

This is an album that women will relate to, from stories of running away from an impending wedding (Something Bad), to the Bathroom Sink – a track about women’s perceptions of themselves – these songs are honest, well written, and all sixteen tracks culminate to form an accurate portrait of this country queen. It is a long album, yet each song will make you want to laugh, cry, or dance – exactly as a country album should. Miranda Lambert seems to have perfected a sound that fits with modern country radio, yet with a defiant and powerful female edge, that has been missing from the mainstream.

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