Dexeter – Four Thousand Miles to Nashville Review

★ ★ ★ ★

Four Thousand Miles to Nashville is the debut full length album from UK country band, Dexeter, and it certainly opens with a bang – you are hit with a wall of harmonies, as the album begins with Breathe. Dee’s vocal is undeniably powerful, and the full band arrangement really brings the band to a new level.

The flow of this album is like that of a seasoned professional, and to fans of Dexeter, Four Thousand Miles to Nashville includes many familiar tunes. They seemed to have perfected their sound, it is both country and recognisably Dexeter. Falling is one of the best examples of this; the song could be on any recent release from Nashville, but the sax solo gives it a unique edge.

Getaway Car is another standout track. It is exceedingly catchy, and the unusual harmony in the chorus ensures that is stand out, and that’s not to mention the guitar solo, that fits so perfectly into the song. House of Cards brings a slower haunting feel to the album. The slide guitar reinforces the country theme, and coupled with the beautifully simple harmonies of Dee and Gareth, it really displays the very best of Dexeter.

Meet Me There and Older will be familiar to fans of Dexeter, they were both released as singles, and are fan favourites at live shows. It’s easy to see why they chose these tracks as singles, they are catchy, and beautifully written. They are songs that you can’t help but sing along with, and will stay with you long after listening to the album.

Each of the 10 tracks brings something new to the album, even the bonus stripped down version of Older is as if the band is just proving that their songs sound just as good with a simple arrangement, as they do with a full band – It’s the perfect ending to this album. It may be Four Thousand Miles to Nashville, but with a debut album like this, it won’t take them long to get there.
If you don’t have the album already, it is available for purchase here.
Four Thousand Miles to Nashville is also available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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